18/02/2021: Congrats Elias Nehme for winning the Jacobs-Qualcomm PhD fellowship!
20/01/2021: Congrats Yael Zaffrani for winning the Leonard and Diane Sherman Interdisciplinary graduate fellowship!
28/12/2020: We receive the Israel Innovation Authority Bio-Convergence grant for developing sensitive biomolecule detection!
28/10/2020: Our work on dynamic microscopic surface profiling by PSF engineering now appears in Science Advances!
15/07/2020: We receive the Zuckerman-Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems Technion research grant, for our next deep learning optical imaging project, joint with Tomer Michaeli!
16/06/2020: Our work on dense 3D localization and PSF design using neural nets now appears on Nature Methods!
10/06/2020: Yoav is awarded the Technion's Morton and Beverley Rechler Prize for Excellence in Research!
14/5/2020 We are awarded the Google Faculty Research Award for machine perception!
20/04/2020: Our work on 3D localization in live flowing cells now appears on Nature Nanotechnology!
05/04/2020: The first edition of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) young investigator medal and prize has been awarded to Dr Yoav Shechtman!
02/04/20 VIPR: Vectorial Implementation of Phase Retrieval for fast and accurate microscopic pixel-wise pupil estimation - now published in Optics Express!
13/01/2020: Congrats Reut for being selected to represent RBNI in the Technion graduate poster competition!
4/11/2019 Congratulations Yael Shalev Ezra for winning the best poster award in IMB 2019!
14/6/2019 Congrats Reut on winning 2nd place in the Technion's annual Micro-Nano-Fabrication poster competition!
30/5/2019 congratulations to Boris Ferdman for winning the best poster award in ISM2019!
24/2/2019 We are awarded the POLAK fund for Applied Research grant for our high-throughput 3D co-localization project!
Congratulations to Elias Nehme for winning the Quantitative-Bio-Imaging 2019 poster award with deepSTORM 3D, and being selected to give the QBI2020 plenary award lecture!
24.12 - Congratulations to Racheli Gordon on receiving the MDM excellence award!

Welcome to the nano-bio-optics lab! 

We are part of the Biomedical Engineering department in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.  We develop novel microscopy tools and apply them to answer biological questions on the nano-scale.

Laminar flow - 20um Tetrapod